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Dr. Borislav Georgiev

Dr. Borislav Georgiev was born in 1961 in Sofia. He graduated in 1979 from secondary school at the "9 French Language School" in Sofia and from 1982 to 1988 he studied medicine at the Medical Academy in Sofia.

After completing his education he is a doctor at a municipal hospital in Belene and since 1990 has been an assistant in cardiology at the National Heart Hospital. In 1993 he received a degree in Internal Medicine and in 1996 - Cardiology. He specialized in the clinic of cardiology of Professor H. Kun in Bielefeld, Germany.

In 2012, he presented a Ph.D. thesis on "Knowledge of the Conventional Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease and Their Treatment and Control in Real Life according to International Guidelines".

From 2012 to 2018 he is Associate Professor at the Clinic of Cardiology and from May 2018 Professor.

In 1998 he was recognized as the author of the 15th Discovery of the Republic of Bulgaria (Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria, priority 04.06.92, Official Bulletin 12/1997)

Dr. Georgiev has a large number of scientific publications, including 1 monograph in co-authorship, 75 monographs (12 in English and 63 in Bulgarian), he has written chapters of student textbooks and is editor of 13 books and monographs (1 in English and 12 in Bulgarian), author of 436 articles, 125 of them have been published in the last 5 years in Bulgarian and 9 in journals with Impact Factor. During last 5 years he has presented over 90 lectures on scientific forums.

He has over 147 scientific presentations on conferences mainly abroad with abstracts published in prestigious international journals.

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